Managing the Free Email Service


Free Email Service needs to be activated before you can manage it. See details

Adding Accounts

  1. Proceed to the Free Email Service interface. See details

  2. Click the Manage Email link. This will bring up the Email Management interface.

    • The Free Email Service gets activated, when you click the Manage Email link for the first time.

    • For Resellers: The Email Management interface will be displayed only if the Order belongs to a Customer immediately under you. Otherwise, the below error message with be displayed:


      You are not allowed to perform this action.

  3. Here, you may:


    Prior to adding accounts, you need to ensure that ownership of your domain name is verified. See details

    Otherwise, the below error message will be displayed:


    Please activate <domainame> before adding a user


    The system automatically verifies domain name ownership. You may manually verify domain name ownership by following the below mentioned process:

    1. Click the Click here to verify >> link.

    2. Click the Verify Ownership button.

    Adding an Email Forward

    1. In the Menu, go to Mail -> Add Forward Only Account.

    2. Provide the following details and click Add Account:

      • When a mail arrives at: Provide any user such as sales, support, YourName, etc..

      • Forward to: Provide one or more destination email addresses, each on a separate line.



    If you want to forward all emails coming to any user on your domain name, you can create a Catch-All Account by following the below mentioned instructions on Adding a Catch-All Account.

    Adding a Catch-All Account

    1. In the Menu, go to Mail -> Manage Catch-All.

    2. Here you have 2 options:

      • Bounce back to the sender: Select this radio button if you do not wish to receive email on any other email address on your domain name except the ones already created and simply want to return such mails to the email sender.

      • Forward to the following User/Account: Select this radio button if you wish to forward all emails except the ones already created to another email address on this domain name itself. Mention the destination email address in the box provided.

    3. Click Apply to submit your settings.


    • If you have set individual Email Forwards for sales and support users on and want emails being sent to all other users on to be bounced back to the sender, simply select the Bounce back to the sender radio button.

    • If you do not wish to create individual Forwards for each user on and simply want all emails forwarded to some email address on, simply select the Forward to the following User/Account radio button and specify the destination email address on

Modifying, Deleting Email Forwards, Catch-All Account